Wednesday, 18 October 2017


Sadly, the Public Service Broadcasting gig didn't go according to plan for this intrepid reviewer/blogger, a combination of unspeakably bad photos (error of the photographer......that'll be me) and an inability to see the show.

So no PSB review.


Friday, 13 October 2017

New gigs added to the list!!!

Two more gigs have been written in the diary and a couple of corkers they are as well!!!

First up is the excellent Public Service Broadcasting who are playing the University of East Anglia's LCR venue on Saturday 14th October. On a personal note, this will be my third time seeing them, they are great and I'm shamelessly looking forward to it:

The second date is T'Pau (with Carol Decker), another artist that I've enjoyed over the years and therefore am looking forward very much to seeing and photographing. This gig will be at Norwich's Waterfront on Friday 1st December:

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Back in Business!!!

Greetings, hello and welcome!!!

After a far-too-long-life-induced sabbatical, Review Elektro is coming back, much the same as before, but with a few new things to be added.

Naturally, concert reviews (with photos!!!) will be the main thrust of this page, but it's quite possible that you may find the occasional album review, a gear review or two, or even the odd software review.

I've decided to keep the layout and format of Review Elektro as simple as is possible, and I feel that the Blogger option is probably the best and most accessible way to do things. I've used Blogger for a good few years now for other projects and find that it is pretty flexible and will present the reviews as I would like them.

Exciting stuff huh?

Yeah, you know it.

On to the business in hand......

Two exciting concerts are already lined-up in the coming weeks, namely Gary Numan (currently enjoying a huge and massively deserved resurgence) at the LCR Norwich on the 17th October and Big Country (perennial live favourites) at the Waterfront, Norwich on the 11th November 2017.

Please do keep a look out on the Review Elektro Facebook page for updates or if you want a comment - and if you do, please be nice ;-)